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THANK YOU to our Partners & Volunteers!


Our partner Volunteers are the back bone of the NMRC. Without their help we would not be able to do many of the things we do. This is especially true of our conference tournament. It takes more than 70 volunteers to run an event of its kind. Not to mention the volunteers needed for setting up, tearing down, transportation, awards, meals, tech support, etc... Not included in this number are the mentors who volunteer their time with both their local robotics teams and/or with the regular operations of the NMRC. 

If you would like to Volunteer at an NMRC event or at a FIRST event please contact us at 

World Class Volunteers Program:

The NMRC has establish the "World Class Volunteers" program to reinvest back into those who have invested so much in us. This program provides financial support for a deserving volunteer who chooses to volunteer at the FRC World Championships. While we can not send everyone we hope that this program serves as a small token of our immense gratitude for each and every one of our volunteers.


Anyone who has volunteered at an NMRC event. (Championship, Week 0, Programming Camp, etc...) is eligible for this program.

Educational Partners:

These partners are critical in showing students pathways and opportunities moving forward in their lives. They help our students evaluate possible career fields. Provide post-secondary educational opportunities with in our region. 

Organizational Partners:

Partnerships with community and governmental organizations are held in the highest regard by the NMRC. These groups are all about  improving our communities. We are fortunate in counting them as our friends and are thankful for all the work they do in serving all of us.

Corporate Partners:

Our corporate members are our connection to the real world and its work force. We are preparing students to be their future employees and consumers. Our partnership with them helps ensure that our students future is bright because they are ready for what lies ahead. 

These members assist in may ways including providing mentors, judges, advisers, and financial support for all we do.

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