Programing Camps


June 13th & 14th @ Bemidji State University

Summer Programming Camp


Through consultation & collaboration of NMRC member teams developing student program skills were identified as one of our top priorities for student growth. This lead to the creation of our first annual programming camp in the summer of 2018.


The camp is traditionally held on the campus of Bemdji State University in Bridgeman Hall. This annual event would not be possible without the amazing support and financial contributions of our great partners Bemidji State University, Paul Bunyan Communications, North Country Vocational Cooperative Council, and the Minnesota Manufacturing Center of Excellence.

Jeff Jones NMRC Programming Camp

The NMRC is happy to announce that our 3rd Annual robotics programming camp will resume for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic this summer. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this great event in June 2022!

The Northern Minnesota Robotics Programming Camp event allows First Robotics Teams opportunities and hands on training with programming FRC robots. The entry level two day course brings students through the foundations of programming all the way to the deployment and debugging of projects. Normally we offer multiple languages including Java and Labview but the core goals are the same. 


The first day we usually start with preparing students for the structure, syntax and logic of the programming language. Second we talk about the different data types, inputs and output, and other aspects of programming that are nearly identical across any major language. Thirdly we do some theory of programming along with some practice writing short programs.


The second day’s focus is around Robot specific programming where we deal with robot electronics, and the flow of FRC communications. This is the day that students are able to take their theoretical training and apply it to a hands on application, as well as get some practice using the FRC WPI libraries. Normally this entails writing both teleoperated and autonomous code that is then deployed and tested on a real robot.


Alternatively we have had a “year two” camp or an advanced class for students who have experience in programming or attended the camp in years past. With the advanced course our goals are less about the fundamentals and more about advanced features and projects such as Vision tracking, position holding, sequential moves… etc. The second day of this advanced class allows students time with experienced instructors to help them with their own unique projects/applications as well as practice with things covered in the class on the first day.


Our overarching goal of these courses is to help prepare students in the Conference for programming during build season by providing time with experienced instructors. This is also a great opportunity for students to collaborate/connect with other teams so they have resources and connections when they need help.