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The NMRC scholarship program has been established to provide opportunities for our member students to receive assistance as they pursue their dreams after High School.

From the early days of the NMRC's creation the founding members determined that the establishment of a scholarship program was one of our organizations key long term objectives. Our desire to assist students is not limited to building robots nor does it end with their final season of competition. We believe that their educational time with our teams are just the foundational building blocks of a relationship that we hope will last a lifetime.

In the fall of 2020 the NMRC established a scholarship fund and began organized efforts to grow and sustain this fund  for the purpose of awarding annual scholarships to students from our member teams. 


The NMRC is proud to award our first scholarships to our worthy recipients during the 2021-22 school year. With the continued support of our team members, partners, and supporters we will explore ways to increase and diversify the support we are able to provide. 

Help a student achieve their dreams, consider donating to the NMRC Scholarship fund today!
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General Scholarship:

Application Window

Opens: Feb 1st - Closes: Apr 1st

The "General Scholarship" is intended to be very unrestrictive and cast a wide net of eligibility for students. Students can attend any post secondary learning institution include private and public universities, community and technical colleges, or industry approved apprenticeship programs. Students can also be pursuing education in a wide array of subject areas. They are not limited to STEM specific fields or programs of study.


To be eligible for the NMRC General Scholarship you must:

  1. Be registered with a FIRST Robotics team who is a member of the Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference.

  2. Be a senior in high school.

  3. A cumulative 3.0 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale

General Scholarship: (Under-Represented Groups)

This scholarship is the same as the "General Scholarship" but exists to specifically address the needs of underrepresented groups. In our region this would most notably include those that identify as Native American or female students, especially as it pertains to STEM careers. This scholarship however is not limited to just these two groups and additional underrepresented demographics are eligible as well. It is our goal to do all we can to assist students as they work towards obtaining a career that will allow them to be contributors to a vibrant community. 

All scholarship related correspondence and application components submissions must be sent to the following address:



Alicia Erickson

Caraira Jensen

Team #3313


Alexandria HS

Team #3134


Cass Lake-Bena HS


Abigail Johnson

Lukas Hruby

Team #4674


Bemidji HS

Team #2883


Warroad HS

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