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Ways To Provide Financial Support


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Thrivent Members Giving...

The NMRC is proud to be a Thrivent Choice®-enrolled organization.


Through Thrivent’s programs, we are eligible to receive grant dollars, fee-free donations, and support from Thrivent Action Team service projects.


We have seen firsthand how much of an impact Thrivent’s clients can make to organization like ours. We appreciate how you have supported our organization with your Thrivent benefits and hope you consider to assist us in the future.


To learn more about Thrivent’s membership benefits and generosity programs visit


Electronic Giving...

The NMRC is happy to have PayPal as our online financial partner. We have partnered with them since 2018 to handle a variety of our online financial needs. They have a history of providing the NMRC and our supports with safe and secure transactions.

Through the PayPal Donate button below you can chose to support the NMRC's "Events & Operations" or our "Scholarship Fund". Which ever cause best suites you and the way you wish to support our work. You will even remain anonymous unless you chose otherwise.

Those who donate have the option of paying with existing PayPal account funds or through a variety of credit and debit card providers.


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